Reddit Best Legal Books For Non Lawyers?

The books link you above are excellent . If you would like to sign up for the course , click here.

Jeremy Epstein is known online as @jeremyepstein, and he decided to create a list of “great legal books every non-lawyer should read” (here’s his post over on Medium). These 40+ non-legal publications cover everything from essays about race in America to popular science writing referencing intellectual property law. However, if you don’t know what I mean when I say “non-Lawyer” here, let me explain: no one in the world who isn’t a working lawyer was asked by me or anyone else in my firm whether or not they should actually read our material. But it turns out that there are tons of people doing lots of interesting things in fields related to Lawyers—you just need some time and ingenuity to find them.

Since there are so many great explanations of intellectual property law for non-lawyers out there already—like this article by Florian Mueller discussing how trolls tie free speech up with patents systems—I thought it might be more interesting to look at the best general essays & explanations of Intellectual Property Law that aren’t linked above instead. Being someone who has pretty much always worked directly with lawyers exclusively since graduating college over 15 years ago, the possession of an artistic side is something I have often suspected but never dared explore until recently… because it seems silly

Best Mobile Themes WordPress For Lawyers?

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18 Best Apps for Lawyers To Improve Productivity

reddit best legal books for non lawyers?


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