Best Planner For Lawyers?

» It’s not that I cannot! It’s just that the job is so frantic now, with school starting up again after fall break. He does seem to have slowed down this year, but he still works without being present most of the time, which I don’t think is healthy for either of us. I worked… Continue reading Best Planner For Lawyers?

Best Laptops For Lawyers?

The Hewlett-Packard Folio 1020P may be the one. The company’s first touch screen notebook is heralded by reviewers as an absolute “must have” for touch typists, because of its relatively low price compared to other midrange laptops. On sale through September 2011, the 1020P sports a 13-inch widescreen LED backlit display with HD resolution (1,366… Continue reading Best Laptops For Lawyers?

Best Colleges For Lawyers?

Whether undecided or not, choosing to attend a law school is one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. Many employers are looking for candidates with two years of legal experience before they will even consider employing any student. Many law schools offer full-time job placement services that give students an… Continue reading Best Colleges For Lawyers?