Best Place For Lawyers To Love?

posted by Josh_Segal While the two legal professionals I know haven’t always agreed with each other, both have several friends who are lawyers. You brought up the point that teachers eventually do retire. I think that is one of the biggest problems with our profession – compared to many others, it can take years to… Continue reading Best Place For Lawyers To Love?

Best College For Lawyers?

The best four-year public college that also accepts students with disabilities who are pursuing degrees in fields other than law is the University of California, Berkeley. Other high-profile schools include Columbia College Chicago; New York Law School; Duke University School of Law; the Southwestern School of Law at Texas Tech University; and St. Thomas University… Continue reading Best College For Lawyers?

Best Trial Books For Lawyers?

And what was it exactly that made these books great? You will find out right now. The following are the top ten casebooks you need for your law school transcript. The list of best trial books for lawyers is purely based on user experience, not an academic evaluation. So even though the quality may differ… Continue reading Best Trial Books For Lawyers?

Best Bags For Lawyers?

In August 2014, the federal government ruled that employers do not have to offer paid maternity leave, a decision based on a 2015 Supreme Court ruling for a female employee of a private company. The Court deemed that women’s failure to return to work is solely due to their own choice and is not attributable… Continue reading Best Bags For Lawyers?

Best Books For Future Lawyers?

For the future lawyer who is looking to learn about criminal law, I recommend An Introduction to Criminal Law. It provides a good overview of both federal and state criminal law concepts, including topics such as scope of prosecution, the nature of crimes, defenses, punishment and restitution. If you want to understand issues related to… Continue reading Best Books For Future Lawyers?

Best Books For Young Lawyers?

Select two books, with at least one from the last ten years on the list. 2. This year’s best-seller on Amazon is a a. novel about a family in crisis b. autobiography of a struggling writer c. casebook of practices of a top trial lawyer for consumers and businesses d. book that champions social change… Continue reading Best Books For Young Lawyers?

Best Gift For Lawyers?

Here is an example of a legal joke more than I ever wanted to read: A lawyer is travelling by plane, and the plane is delayed. It finally lands after creating such a huge delay that the plane has to be searched for weapons of mass destruction before they can get on board. The plane… Continue reading Best Gift For Lawyers?

Best Seo For Lawyers?

SEO for lawyers. Law is full of terms, phrases and jargon. If you are looking for help with your law firm’s online legal marketing strategy, look no further than the gifted team of SEO for Lawyers. We specialize in what it takes to optimize a law firm website, including content management systems (CMS), search engine… Continue reading Best Seo For Lawyers?