Best Answering Services For Lawyers?

Some law firms already offer a computer-generated voice that sounds real. A number of these firms also have long-established customer base and expertise in artificial intelligence, the ability to produce humanlike speech sounds through software. Patients listening to such services may be more likely to be convinced by such lines than if they called an… Continue reading Best Answering Services For Lawyers?

Best Cars For Lawyers?

« »Die«, sagte Joyce. »Sie sind besser als die gesamte leitende Polizei der Staaten von New Hampshire zusammengenommen!« »Wenn es nur stimmt, was du da erzählst …« 5 So regelmäßig wie seine Gespräche mit dem Abgeordneten lieferten sich Jack Culverwells Kolleginnen und Kollegen auch vor Gericht mit ihren früheren Vorgesetzten. Und eine seiner Hauptbeschwerden war… Continue reading Best Cars For Lawyers?

Best Countries For Lawyers?

For judges? For … pets? Check out this hard-hitting analysis by Adam Grant, editor of the Harvard Business Review. “Until now, most U.S. states have rewarded lawyers with not only prestige but also higher salaries.” He has identified 20 factors that influence these two crucial areas in which lawyers are paid well and where people… Continue reading Best Countries For Lawyers?

Best Font For Lawyers?

Answering this question is a little tricky because there’s no one best font, but here are some considerations for considering a professional typeface… What do lawyers need? Two things: Legibility and readability. There’s a difference between being easy to read and being easy on the eyes. A good serif or script font can be very… Continue reading Best Font For Lawyers?

Best Immigration Lawyers For Eb1?

” The family-owned law firm, which has offices in Pittsburgh and Bloomfield, was ranked among the top 15 immigration law firms for its handle of EB-1 applications for green cards this year. The next big international expansion is almost certainly our neighbor to the north. The Canadian economy is booming and immigrants from North America… Continue reading Best Immigration Lawyers For Eb1?