Best Laptops For Lawyers?

The Hewlett-Packard Folio 1020P may be the one. The company’s first touch screen notebook is heralded by reviewers as an absolute “must have” for touch typists, because of its relatively low price compared to other midrange laptops. On sale through September 2011, the 1020P sports a 13-inch widescreen LED backlit display with HD resolution (1,366… Continue reading Best Laptops For Lawyers?

Best Car For Lawyers?

” I sat in front of Yoni and we brainstormed the qualities we’d look for: no offensive odor, good mileage, safety features. We had to be practical. No one wants to buy a car they can’t afford. And that was when the idea struck me: why not own a Lexus? Their reliability record is fantastic—and… Continue reading Best Car For Lawyers?

Best Degrees For Lawyers?

For the handful of schools offering a bachelor’s degree in law, tuition and fees for full-time undergraduates were $24,060 for 2011-2012. This came to about $18.39 an hour or more than $28 an hour if you worked approximately 40 hours a week at that rate. What does this all mean? According to the Bureau of… Continue reading Best Degrees For Lawyers?

Best Apps For Lawyers 2020?

The Best Mobile Apps for Lawyers: This article provides an in-depth examination of some of the best and most popular mobile apps for lawyers. These apps will allow you to effortlessly access your existing documents, research, and share with clients and colleagues. From this list of mobile apps for lawyers, we hope that you find… Continue reading Best Apps For Lawyers 2020?

Best Books For New Lawyers?

The most recent paperback list compiled by LJ lawyer editor Amelia Tobin provides some interesting insights into new lawyers’ reading preferences. Among new lawyers working in firms, say the survey results, the top book is John Grisham’s The Litigators (which I have on my legal-reading “to do” list). By contrast, Aaron David Miller of MSNBC… Continue reading Best Books For New Lawyers?

Best Majors For Lawyers?

Just ask the people who are currently leading the profession. Between 2011 and 2015, the average Compensation Increase for partners in America’s largest 100 law firms was 9.8%, according to new research from The New York Times. If you were content with doing an extra 9% on average, why not threaten your employers? Because they… Continue reading Best Majors For Lawyers?