Best Planner For Lawyers?

» It’s not that I cannot! It’s just that the job is so frantic now, with school starting up again after fall break. He does seem to have slowed down this year, but he still works without being present most of the time, which I don’t think is healthy for either of us. I worked… Continue reading Best Planner For Lawyers?

Best Pen For Lawyers?

In this article, we list eight pen types to consider when doing research. Our recommendation – the best lawyer pens – matters more today than ever before because law firms are going leaner and cheaper is a bad idea for two reasons: the extra overhead keeps the firm from being as efficient as possible, and… Continue reading Best Pen For Lawyers?

Best Schools For Lawyers?

The answer, it turns out, is yes — and no. According to a survey of college administrators by The New York Times, the most prestigious law schools take on only about 20% of those enrolled in their programs. For those entering school this fall, though, those elite universities could mean $160,000 more over the course… Continue reading Best Schools For Lawyers?

Best Tablet For Lawyers?

Is a legal tablet a good idea for lawyers? What kind of device should they have, and what is the best lawyer tablet brand/model for your needs? Is there any value at all in buying a legal tablet? Follow these links to see whether you need a legal tablet: Should You Buy A Legal Tablet… Continue reading Best Tablet For Lawyers?

Best Cities For New Lawyers?

William “Bill” Robinson is the founder, CEO and chairman of the Board of Directors for A Plus Law Resources, a law firm that provides consulting services to both employers and job seekers on how to flex their skills. He is a veteran in recruiting and regulatory compliance. Robinson started his career at a large nationwide… Continue reading Best Cities For New Lawyers?

Best Ties For Lawyers?

By far the best Albright Stonebridge intelligence ties are to GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, LORETTA SANCHEZ, ANDERSON COOPER & ABC News. Stephanopoulos is a Greek-American idealogue. He joined the Clinton Administration after being raised on the eastern seaboard by his grandmother for whom he worked as an intern. As Associate White House Counsel during Bill Clinton’s Presidency… Continue reading Best Ties For Lawyers?

Best Watches For Men Lawyers?

In the field of precision mechanical movements, there are several types of watch movements from which a lawyer can choose. Each type has its own uses and functions depending on whether it is a dress or sports watch, a fully decorated watch or a simple model. These two variations in form and design allow you… Continue reading Best Watches For Men Lawyers?