Best Wishes For Lawyers?

“She said she really needed to speak with someone about it, but not just anyone. So I called her mother and all that. She was on the phone before I could hang up, telling me how sorry she was about everything. And then tell the police what happened—that her daughter got gunned down in front of her by some crazy man who had gone nuts on acid . . .” He exhaled noisily, shaking his head. “What a tale! What a yarn! By the time they finished with me this afternoon, my scalp felt like it was on fire! I better call you back at five-thirty sharp, or else you can always come look for me here. Until then—good night now—and good luck with your suspect/client/next door neighbor case!”

We listened to Hardy turn off his phone as he let himself out of the car. From above us came the whine of another jet engine roaring down for landing at SFO; an overhead announcement crackled through our connection: LAST CHECK CLEAR TO BIRCH STREET, THE TWICE ANNUAL IMPERIAL AIRLINE BRUNCH FLIES OUT TOMORROW FOR AUNT VIVA’S RAMADAN DEVOTIONAL SPEECH AT CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY. AFTER THAT IT WILL BE BACK TO FULL OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT BY LAX TOURS AND SU

Best Bags For Lawyers?

For us, nothing is better than a good book. Books always take the place of ‘good food’ and ‘good wine’. So what is better than a bag that can withstand all sorts of abuse and still look great? We spent some time digging around to find our favourite bags for lawyers who work hard and play harder. This leather and suede briefcase has been designed with laptop owners in mind. It features an inside pocket, 2 pen holders and a detachable shoulder strap so you can carry your bag wherever you go. You also won’t have to worry about its acid-free paperboard changing as the bag itself doesn’t absorb any staining from pens or coffee stains as it was made using eco-friendly practices such as soy ink production. This refined ladies’ crossbody bag – preferably for lawyers – features a studded belt buckle on the front cover flap, making this perfect for going out on weekends without having to put something else on first. The interior has a pocket dedicated solely to sunglasses, allowing them space at their own discretion while guaranteeing they don’t get lost or damaged elsewhere in the bag.

Qualities of a Good Personal Injury Attorney

best wishes for lawyers?


A good personal injury attorney is hard to find, but it’s important that you find one who is reputable and will treat you with the respect that you deserve. Before hiring an attorney to act on your behalf in court, do your due diligence by checking out their track record, taking note of how long they’ve been practicing law for and what kind of cases they typically handle. It’s also important to have faith in the outcome of your case if it goes up against a giant law firm or insurance company. A local small business doesn’t have this advantage over larger organizations so be sure to hire someone whom you trust! Once hired, conduct a background check on your new lawyer which includes verifying any criminal charges are expunged from their record. Finally, have conversations with other lawyers on staff at said law firm which include asking about their success rate with particular types of cases as well as speaking with clientele who used them in the past.

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