Best Undergraduate Degrees For Lawyers?

(Expressing regional preferences: East or West Coast, Southern or Midwestern states)

How many lawyers were admitted to practice law after earning an undergraduate degree in the state of __________? (Note: State names should be included.)

Chapter 5. Law School Studies and Career Choice

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bar exam 473–474, 475–476, 507–512, 516–518; required for licensing 516; written and oral portions 512; passing scores 510; median score on bar exam 505; how long does it take to pass? 502–505; types of students who pass 502–508

The few cases that mention the study of law as a career choice include Rawle’s treatise on “Laws of Nations” (1783), which expounded on what he considered the best legal theory and was still cited as such more than two centuries later. In 1789, right after the ratification of the U.S. Constitution whose exposition had been his primary subject matter ever since he left Harvard College 15 years earlier, James Wilson modeled a course at Princeton University leading to a bachelor’s degree upon Professor Locke’s doctrine on property rights protected by his “social contract theory.” The first part of this three-year curriculum was devoted to free association but with special emphasis on Roman law decisions from 1562 up through Hugo Grotius’s De j

Best Website Builder For Lawyers?

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best undergraduate degrees for lawyers?


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