Best Suits For Female Lawyers?

In a recent article in the Harvard Law Review, authors Thomas I. Emerson and Gregory S. Carpenter use surveys of 346 female lawyers to answer this question. The survey is a response to a post-election report from the American Bar Association that called on law schools, particularly those ranked in the top 15, to take action on how they “shape” their graduates with regard to diversity. In addition to asking about lawyers’ preferred attire (elevated blouses or pantsuits), Carpenter asks if respondents would want their daughter nominated for LAWYERS magazine’s 2015 Women of Law Hot List, which was released in September 2014.

While almost two-thirds of law students say they would prefer their daughters not be nominated for HOT LIST consideration because it might distract them from their legal career goals, 85% said they would support nominating their daughters based on her accomplishments alone—without attention being given to attire or other factors traditionally considered by HOT LIST readership faithfuls like me who appreciate attractive gingerbread men dressed up as Paul Revere riding atop the backs of sea turtles while stumping for public defense funds during tax season. Lawyers are women who wear dresses just like you do , although there may be slightly more professional button-down shirts than floral ones among our ranks these days . As one HOT LIST reader remarked back when I joked about my enjoyment at seeing Ginger Rogers dancing again, she should consider doing so only after 90 consecutive hours sitting behind a desk at night

Best Novels For Lawyers?

In case you haven’t noticed, those lists of “best books” seem to be catching up to us. Here’s a new one: The Best Authors and Their Best Novels for Lawyers tackles the issue of what makes a novel an enduring classic – and it does so by tackling it from more than one angle. Almost all of the novels on this list we’ve had the pleasure to read; we’ve seen characters like Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird) and Erin Gruwell (The Color Purple) function as our models for good writers. Many of these authors are part of what lawyers call that old boy network – people who were influenced by them; people whose careers they helped launch. What do these old boys and girls think about their work? Are there any timeless classics among their ranks? Bring your wine and cheese, because we’re going to find out!

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best suits for female lawyers?


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