Best Schools For Lawyers?

The answer, it turns out, is yes — and no.

According to a survey of college administrators by The New York Times, the most prestigious law schools take on only about 20% of those enrolled in their programs. For those entering school this fall, though, those elite universities could mean $160,000 more over the course of a career than those who enter without early connections or help from an attorney family member.

The survey also found that older students had more clout overall with admissions offices than younger ones. Between 2012 and 2013 alone, more than 50% of entering seniors had jobs lined up before they even finished their first year at law school.

Best Divorce Lawyers For Fathers?

by Chris Driscoll, Driscoll Miller & Associates, LLC When I started in this industry my intention was to help fathers when they needed it most. I wanted be the attorney who could unpack a legal mess for them and guide them through the process of resolving their family law issues. After completing over eight thousand cases the past years along with turning down many other lucrative offers to work for firms throughout Ohio, I can tell you I’m very happy doing what I do! Four years ago one fact has fascinated me throughout that time. When it came time for each father to get divorced he automatically turned to his female spouse. Although this may seem odd to you or even sound sexist there are many reasons why fathers want mothers in their divorce matters. One reason is because men are more comfortable around women than they are around men dueFathers value being treated fairly by our court system so getting married often times seems like an easy way out of any potential problem which comes up during marriage.Sometimes it’s hard for couples facing a child support case or custody dispute to understand how much money should be involved in their court matter while also considering their other financial obligations such as paying off student loans or credit card debt . We have heard that too much income can affect child support but just how does that factor into other financial obligations?A daddy needs every penny he can get from his ex-wife after she left him financially broke through no fault of his own – but unfortunately not all states recognize al

Gifts for Lawyers

best schools for lawyers?


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