Best Rolling Briefcase For Lawyers?

The briefcase you carry around should be good enough to see you through your day. It should be something that looks professional, feels solid and performs well. The nature of our work makes this tough because we usually require the ability to get into tight spaces, while still looking like a legitimate lawyer when in public institutions (think judges chambers). Also, if it can’t repel water or mud then I probably won’t use it haha!

What piece of tech makes life easier?

A smartphone! There are times when I forget my cell phone at home, which results in me calling the office asking for directions because I didn’t know where to go; other times where I forget my favorite pens (Quick Notes on iOS!) etc. Having an integrated, reliable device that is always with me prevents these situations from occurring too regularly. One other thing that comes in handy a ton is a Bluetooth headset… they let up talk others hands-free without having to drop my voice mail or conference call line whenever someone is bothering me! They have become invaluable over the years and have helped keep my focus locked in when working on multiple cases at once. Nowadays most emails include clickable links so being able visit websites is also super important for keeping up-to-date with current events and news stories. In addition, Google Translate is incredible for translating websites from one language/region to another! It has been amazing since traveling overseas last year but even domestic

Best Places For Lawyers To Live?

In the latest installment of Ask a Lawyer, we tackle where lawyers should live in order to meet potential clients and keep it simple. The Top 5 US Cities for Lawyers To Live In … [Read more…] What To Know About Medical Malpractice Attorneys If you’re in need of a medical malpractice attorney in Delaware, Florida, or anywhere else in the United States, your search is over because this post will give you everything you need to know about medical malpractice attorneys. Despite what … [Read more…] Finding Legal Help In Your State Do you have general legal questions?Whether you’re an attorney looking for answers to specific situations or a layperson searching for answers on basic topics such as workers’ comp and personal injury laws to guide your life, we welcome your questions about state law today. Check out our frequently asked questions and find how we can help answer your queries: Copyright © 2014 Resolution For Life LLC All Rights Reserved

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best rolling briefcase for lawyers?


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