Best Productivity Apps For Lawyers?

First, let’s see how we got here… As a general rule in the Android world, and in any other Android/software development market for that matter, if you want to be productive you need to be using “the best apps.” Did I say it often enough? Yet when we dig really deep into blogs and discussion threads about what is the “best xyz app for yzzz” there are few responses besides curation services. If you have more than five minutes of time available to spend on this topic then head over to your favorite Google+ or Facebook account and read through one of those “Best of General Popularity Lists.” Your fake-admirer aunt will come up with many of them. The truth is most people are looking elsewhere because they are already happy with whatever tool they have gone with. You can easily spend several hours debating between dozens or even hundreds of productivity tools on App Stores, but there are only relatively few who will change their habits based on some minor stats on some review site rankings table—or worse yet based on user impressions from me talking too much about it! First things first: If your law practice doesn’t focus exclusively on word processing then you will find that there are tremendous benefits to dive into text manipulation rather than retyping content by hand via keyboard shortcuts. For lawyers however, not using an email client will lead us down a path where productivity beats absentmindedness almost every

Best Email For Lawyers?

According to a 2015 report by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and ELOQUII, most lawyers prefer sending emails via their personal accounts. Many said that colleague, clients and vendors were more likely to respond and be attentive when they received an email from them than when it was sent via their work account. The majority also said they preferred using their personal address for special occasions such as holidays or vacations. (View Larger Image) What Do Lawyers Want In Their Law Firm Email Domains? Though there is no guarantee what will outperform other top-performing brands in your niche, we’ve listed the recommended domain extensions below which you should consider for your law firm email marketing campaign: .com, .net or .org. You’ll notice that law firm domains are getting more competitive these days with over 1 million available to choose from including trends like seo optimization, conversion optimization & landing page design services. Contact us today if you have any questions about choosing the right domain extension for your lawyer marketing efforts!

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best productivity apps for lawyers?


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