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167 Clean Cocktail Book: A Legal Briefing, Bonus Edition We’ve got a special announcement for you this week. After the positive response to last week’s episode, we invited our wonderful guest and author, Kenyon Bickham, back to record another installment of “Cocktail Book,” which is now part of the Complete Audio-Briefing… Free View in iTunes

168 Clean The Everlasting Promise of Equal Pay (feat. Jim Zarlinga) What makes men and women equal? Can laws really change that? Today we chats with Jim Zarlinga about how his time as Vice President at Fulbright & Jaworski reflects on these conversations around equality. Hint: it involves dating advice! Free View in iTunes

169 Clean Get More Clients With This New Approach To Towing Fight witness tampering by not using public resources or disclosing client information. Protect attorney-client privilege by not communicating during representation if asked to do something fraudulent. And slice through bureaucratic red tape with… Free View in iTunes

170 Clean Prepping For A Sexual Assault Case Hear from sexual assault survivor Jaclyn Smith about how she faced her attacker after being raped on campus – including why she may have chosen this violent path later on in life, even though she tried counseling early on. Also learn more about… Free View in iTunes

Best Divorce Lawyers For Fathers?

If the Complaint lists a significant other, then that person can also be listed. The names of all Page 96 associated individuals must appear in order to have an umbrella coverage. If no family members are named in the Complaint, the attorney who hears it may petition for an exception from this rule. 20 To have a complete picture of husband and wife together is also very helpful in measuring the outcome of a divorce case. It is important to calculate not just how much property each spouse has but what value went into building up that property over time. Calculating this sort of wealth or net worth gives a far more realistic view of what both parties will receive when they divide their marital estate after marriage goes sour later on down the road (see Chapter 9). When calculating such figures, remember to add up all assets and subtract all debts including any child support payments due during your marriage should you choose to pursue it. This would include spousal support if male-dominated family law rules make compulsory alimony mandatory against paying off non-paternity child support (which eight states do today). Figure out whether you and your spouse could face joint or separate debt payments should things end badly later on down the road. And while we’re at it, why not figure out whether one spouse has accumulated more net worth than another? This is especially unfair when we consider that most couples get married with empty pockets so there’s almost always someone with more money than his

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Meet Attorney Roger Paulsen About Attorney Paulsen About Attorney Paulsen Experience With The Law Since 1986. He Has Paralegal & Legal Assistant Skills. Before Began His Legal Career, He Worked As A Manager Of Marketing For An Advertising Agency And As A Sports Marketer Consultant After Graduating From St John’s University School Of Law. While Working On His Law Degree, He Attended Classes At Cleveland State University School Of Continuing Education At Canal Winchester Ohio During The Summer Months And Earned His Bachelor’s Degree In Business Management Construction Management Construction Technology Construction Science Construction Health And Safety Management Construction Project Scheduling Education, College Or Vocational Training Attends On An Annual Basis To Keep Current With Industry Changes . Areas Of Practice Divorce & Family Law Criminal Defense Bankruptcy Child Custody Adoption Kidnapping Ohio Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Insurance Fraud Wills Trusts Probate Real Estate Verdict USDA Antitrust Tax Planning Employment Discrimination Personal Injury Business Litigation Elder Care Social Security Disability Medicare Workers Compensation Estate Planning Guardianship & Conservatorship Alcoholism Drug Addiction Criminal Defense White Collar Crime Sex Crimes Marijuana DUI Auto Accidents Social Media/Web Surveillance Deposition Childhood Abuse Childhood Neglect Dog Bite DWI Misdemeanor Traffic Motor Vehicle Accidents Civil Rights Civil Liability Employment Discrimination Unlawful Possession Possession of Dangerous Substances Seizure of Property Contracts & Builders Risk Professional Malpractice Call 740-474-9

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