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It’s not that I cannot! It’s just that the job is so frantic now, with school starting up again after fall break. He does seem to have slowed down this year, but he still works without being present most of the time, which I don’t think is healthy for either of us.

I worked on him too hard once before and it didn’t do any good. Do you know what happened? The night Andrew stopped calling was our wedding anniversary and we were supposed to be at his apartment to get ready for dinner by seven o’clock. He called me about six-thirty and joked about how late we were getting there and changed his mind about going out. When we got home we went inside and made love until almost midnight! Though we did live apart during the week while I taught school in Ann Arbor, we always spent our weekends together because he flew back from Chicago on Friday nights and sometimes even stayed overnight on Saturday mornings

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while I finished teaching my classes; then he had an eleven o’clock flight back Sunday afternoon. And do you want to know how many times it took us before Andrew agreed to go away by himself someplace like a church conference or a vacation resort rather than agree to be alone someplace like a hotel room or motel? ANDREW: Me neither . . . Loveis intoxicating!

What Tom said made Rick laugh outright: ”So it would appear.” But when Andrew got

Best Laptops For Lawyers?

A number of lawyers are now using laptops for their day-to-day work. With so many features to choose from, it’s difficult to know which laptop will best suit your needs. For instance, if you need to edit video or audio, then a quality graphics card is essential. However, if you only need the ability to check emails and present small amounts of legal documentation on screen, then an affordable screen without too much frills will be just fine. Furthermore, not all models come equipped with long lasting batteries that can keep clients closely watching videos or facing intense deadlines without interruption by plugging in for power supplies. Some portable computers may also be more appropriate for use by young students who might prefer smaller devices even though they don’t do everything required of them as well as larger units typically found in classrooms and offices. If size is the determining factor when buying your next laptop model, make sure it’s compact enough to fit easily into a small briefcase or travel bag yet still powerful enough for professional application over extended periods of continuous usage. Laptops typically weigh between 7-10 pounds depending upon the manufacturer and type chosen; heavier units may not be well suited for carrying along but provide enhanced performance like faster speed processing speeds and lower cost per gigabyte among similar products offered at multiple stores starting around $450-$550 dollars range up until about $500 dollars with truly top end machines configured from around $1100-$1400 dollars used primarily where

Car Accident Lawyer

best planner for lawyers?


in Manhattan, New York At the Law Offices of Richard J. Sack, our primary goal is providing you with prompt and effective legal representation in any personal injury matter. Whether you were involved in an accident on your way to work or while taking a stroll in Central Park, we are experienced trial lawyers who will fight relentlessly to secure fair compensation for your harms due to negligence or error. A skilled attorney can help you recover compensation for pain and suffering, lost wages, medical bills and more. The potential financial damage of an accident can be overwhelming for victims of harm that they never expected could happen them. It is important that you act quickly by contacting us at 646-472-1212 or toll free at 800-276-1426 as soon as possible after visiting this page to establish a baseline documentation of your injuries. You may also email us directly at rick@richardsacklawofficecom regarding the matters listed below:

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