Best Places To Live For Young Lawyers?

I wasn’t aware of the article, much less who wrote it. I also had no idea that two years earlier, California laid off one-third of its bar examiners and closed half its law schools — not just for budget reasons but because those troubled schools were supposed to be saving millions by hiring so many recent grads for non-­emergency positions. Instead, they ended up paying their new hires as little as $10 an hour, if they paid them at all. By now we all know this is not the way progress happens in America. If you expect your fellow Americans to work hard and prosper, prepare them for success before turning loose with a surplus: Teach people how to buy a home without going into debt; provide schooling that prepares kids for innovation and business; protect intellectual property; guarantee common standards of testing; foster internships for success — things like employer mentoring and professional liability insurance, which cover personal careers through the early years. Not once do we hear anyone talking about these basics anymore. But you can bet your booties that if President Obama really were serious about helping the middle class “get ahead,” he would make sure everyone has access to such things first or last on his list of priorities. You should care about any president telling you what kind of country you should want to live in — but instead we have a contemptible man pulling both political strings from behind our backs! If there is hope upon us yet made manifest

Best Paying States For Lawyers?

Looking or the best paying states for lawyers? Below are the top paying states for lawyers, according to data taken from We’ve also included some more information on each state below. If you know of a high earning state that isn’t on this list please let us know by emailing! 1 California Median Annual Salary: $175,550 Highlights: No US state has higher median annual salaries for lawyers than California does with an average salary of $175,550 per year as of October 31, 2016! This is 61% above the national average. Conversely, there are no states with lower averages either – personal injury attorney median earnings in New Mexico come closest with just over half of the national norm at just under $90,000 per year! See related post here. 2 Illinois Median Annual Salary: $100,900

20 Best (and Worst) U.S. Cities for Lawyers

best places to live for young lawyers?


– A new study ranked the America’s most and least profitable city for lawyers. The Best Cities List ranks the top 10 most lucrative cities for Lawyers, with a minimum of 75 hours worked a week. Of course all our Chiropractors work more than 75 hours a week – but we’re leaving that irrelevant detail off our lists to make it easier to compare us to other Chiropractors. The Worst Cities list ranks the top 10 least profitable cities for Lawyers, with a minimum of 75 hours worked a week. I’m not sure why they left out about how many chiropractors are actually in these cities, but I guess that doesn’t matter when you are comparing us to lawyers instead of other chiropractors..

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