Best Places For Lawyers To Live?

The top 5 places for lawyers to live are:

Dallas, Texas, San Jose, California, New York, and Washington D.C.

How many hours do lawyers work?

According to the BLS Law Firm Managers Report 2015, the average lawyer works about 38 hours per week on average. But note that this number is not very accurate because it does not include office assistants who help out with clerical tasks like answering phones and filing documents; many of whom also engage in some sort of law practice on their own time; yet they are covered by “lawyer” or “attorney” rather than “clerical/administrative assistant/secretary” occupations (BLS Staffing Outlook 2018). The number will be even lower if you look at full-time equivalents (FTEs) which includes both full-time and part-time workers; although some states don’t use FTE numbers at all (such as Florida), but calculate total wages using hourly earnings instead (BLS Staffing Outlook 2018). But nevertheless, working 38 hours per week is pretty standard for most attorneys who have bills to pay back home too.

Best Computer For Lawyers?

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best places for lawyers to live?


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