Best Markets For New Lawyers?

When I worked as a lawyer in New York, I would tell people that there are three major markets for new lawyers: the Big Apple, San Francisco and Washington DC. That was true when I left law school in 1991, but it is even truer today. The balance of power has shifted dramatically since then to Northern California. When I started practice in 1990, New York City had 30% of all grads grad schools nationwide. Today it has only 8%. And Sacramento’s share of the legal market nearly matches New York City’s 30 years ago!

You can almost take this for granted now. So many candidates seek to go to places with name recognition when they apply to law schools where valuing reputation over actual performance results in wasted time and money on their careers for no good reason at all. It is just much easier –and safer–to head down to San Diego or Seattle or Anchorage than it is up here in Sacramento where demand far exceeds supply of lawyers, especially civil ones who operate smaller firms out of solo practices who charge what they want for service because their clients have demonstrated enough interest so that they can offer discounts/discount rates/reduced fee arrangements etc… The big Southern Barriers have fallen away which allows us here in Northern California not only an increased amount of business but greater numbers (more bang for our buck) although we don’t get seduced by them like these 3 other ‘Big Apple’ markets do (Newark NY; Denver CO

Best Lawyers In Dallas For Warrants?

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Top 10 Best Gifts for Your Daughter-in-Law on Karwa Chauth!

best markets for new lawyers?


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