Best Majors For Future Lawyers?

Law firms and other legal service organizations (LSO) will continue to hire lawyers who demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. To do this, you should develop and hone your speechcraft skills. The specific qualities that employers seek in a legal secretary underline this lesson:

· excellent listening, verbal people skills;

· good typing speed;

· proficient at typing without errors;

· accurate transcription of dictation using shorthand, stenography or keyboarding techniques such as Dictaphone or Autocode; and

· familiar with all types of copy machines so they can be used by others.6

Many law firms pay an annual salary plus room and board for their secretaries, while some pay only a small wage plus tips. Other firms offer living quarters and health benefits in return for working 40 hours per week over 36 weeks during the year. And many law firms offer continuing education programs at no cost to workers through conferences sponsored by human resources divisions or seminars offered by local bar associations. In addition, LSOs provide job training to assist young associates in honing their writing skills before they are promoted to partner status once they become lawyers. Some LSOs also contribute money toward college tuition costs when a worker’s child begins his or her education at a postsecondary school in the company-sponsored program. Being able to communicate effectively is a valuable trait in today’s professional legal environment because it ensures that messages get where they’re supposed to

Best Apps For Lawyers?

In addition to being a lawyer myself, I’m also a writer and have been doing that for several years. In Part 1 of this series, I gave three free apps that are useful for lawyers who want to better organize their lives, research topics they may need to prepare for upcoming trials or employee reviews – or just have a bit more fun. Now it’s time to talk about two legal apps I personally use on a regular basis – both of which are pretty inexpensive – and giggle at how stupid everybody looks in all the media mockery right now. These apps aren’t always available as free downloads depending on where you live (so if those two specific ones interest you, go search those first) but usually run around $2 each. For someone like me who can legally lard up iPhone storage space with useless videos and photos from my travels…I think these apps fit the bill nicely! How about we start with an app that allows lawyers to make at least some sense out of their mountain of digital paper: Evernote。8 Go ahead and try searching “evernote litigation notebook” because the first result clearly demonstrates our collective insanity: No wonder so many people would look to destroy their local monuments before helping fight ISIS…even if they do offer sweet unicorn poop feasts 😀 Anyway, if your clients want volunteers signed up as part-time readers/transcribers/whatever

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best majors for future lawyers?


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