Best Lawyers For Wills?

I have been a client of the law firm of Cliff May & Co. since 1976, and have obtained several favorable results from them. I have been referring friends to Cliff May for over 20 years. In addition, his staff has done their best to encourage us in our wills preparation needs. They are thorough with information requested; very knowledgeable; enthusiastic; courteous; promptly returned phone calls (although not always immediately); polite with clients’ questions or requests; caring with clients’ needs, etc -all good qualities that one looks for when choosing lawyers no matter what their billing rate! I recommend them without reservation.”-“

Best Books For Trial Lawyers?

A: Trial lawyers must be prepared for anything. If the case goes to trial, you will have to deal with all sorts of issues and witnesses – who is credible and who is less so. You need a book that combats the advances in science as well as changing court policies. Q#7: What’s your biggest recommendation on how to spur career growth? A: Attorneys should learn as much as they can about their market by studying those that surround them; whether it is another attorney or an insurance company, each has its own culture and way of doing business. Take the time needed not only to understand the process but also what it takes to excel within your industry and profession at large. As attorneys we do this through networking which if utilized skillfully can yield better results; including closing more cases.

iPad Apps For Attorneys

best lawyers for wills?


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