Best Lawyers For Whistleblowers?

The one that used to be called the SEC’s Office of Whistleblower Protection? The District Court rotated those two positions from being Whistleblower Protectors to being Enforcement Officers. And what do you know? Immediately after this Washington Times story dropped, Ron Motzek was out of his job as Director for Whistleblower protection at the SEC. Nice coincidence! (via Black Spruce)

TITLE 25 – COURTS AND JUDICIAL PROCEDURE PART I – THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT CHAPTER 21A – SPECIAL INFRASTRUCTURE CASES–GENERAL Sec. 21a1. Preliminary injunction or restraining order; compensation for attorneys (if any) (b) Compensation Provided.–Whenever a preliminary injunction or restraining order is entered pursuant to subsection (a), the court shall provide each United States Attorney concerned with action on such preliminary injunction or restraining order with $200 per day for compensation of private counsel, not entry-level counsel but experienced attorneys specially retained by the Government in connection with such action if authorized by an Assistant Attorney General or Deputy Assistant Attorney General, whom he may designate in his discretion to act as United States Attorney General with respect to such matters involved in litigation before him under this section. Any part of any grant made under this subsection which remains unexpended at the end of 2 years thereafter shall be restored and paid over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or other investigative agency, as directed by him, except that none thereof shall

Best Laptops For Lawyers?

To save money, get the right laptop for you. Read More . Because the tablet rotates the screen by 90 degrees like a typical laptop display, you can lay it down on any surface and use its video-out port to connect an external monitor or TV. The only limitation of this setup is that you’ll be able to use two displays at most; both will have resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, which is about what most laptops offer out of the box. Keep in mind that external monitors result in extra weight (if they’re separate units), so they probably won’t be great when traveling with your Surface device. But if you have another computer using an HDMI port handy, connecting to your new tablet will free up one of your old system’s ports. If you don’t mind secondhand hardware, say under $200 for something with HDMI support, here are some excellent options in our list of best Android tablets for lawyers 5 Best Android Tablets For Lawyers in 2018 That Are Eco Friendly & Free To Use! 5 Best Android Tablets For Lawyers in 2018 That Are Eco Friendly & Free To Use! Looking for a good Android tablet but not sure where to start? We’ve assembled this list of top eco friendly tablets many lawyers would love! Read More . Another option is using Chrome OS computers running on low-power ARM processors What Is Intel’s 8th Gen “Coffee Lake”? What Is Intel’s 8th Gen

The 10 Best Laptop Briefcases

best lawyers for whistleblowers?


for Style, Comfort and Security If you’re looking for a laptop bag that’s stylish enough to wear proudly at the office, but still offers top-notch comfort with big wheels and padded straps, look no further. With these 10 suitcases in mind, wearing your treasured electronics while on-the-go is easy peasy. Not only do they keep style intact while traveling without sacrificing security or function, they also offer tons of storage space so you can take more than just your laptop on the road. If you want one of these bags for yourself or as a gift for someone else on your list, read on to learn what makes each of these bags perfect for work trips or weekend getaways. 1 Boxwave Surface Briefcase $60 | Amazon See On Amazon Made from genuine leather, this functional briefcase keeps business essentials organized with removable pockets and accessories that fit everything from cords you need every day (like headphones) to new cables (like an HDMI cable if you don’t already own one). The exterior of this bag has heavy canvas construction along with double stitched seams for ergonomic protection during transit. And if it starts leaking like most other briefcases do after some time? It easily wipes clean thanks to its waterproof lining technology (to ensure things stay dry even if spilled wine gets involved). A magnetic closure protects data loss prevention features like its lockable zippers and D-rings against unauthorized access. Best of all? This briefcase holds up to 15 inches

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