Best Laptops For Lawyers?

The Hewlett-Packard Folio 1020P may be the one. The company’s first touch screen notebook is heralded by reviewers as an absolute “must have” for touch typists, because of its relatively low price compared to other midrange laptops.

On sale through September 2011, the 1020P sports a 13-inch widescreen LED backlit display with HD resolution (1,366 x 768). At 3 pounds, it’s about two pounds heavier than some comparable notebooks with the same screen size., but it has better battery life and more disk space than most laptop brands’ lower tier models. With both built-in Intel wireless connectivity and optional Windows 7 Pro certification, the 1020P’s 2 GB RAM means you won’t have to upgrade your system just to use Web apps or Microsoft Word .

10 Best Lead Generation Services for Lawyers

best laptops for lawyers?


Attorneys frequently need lead generation services. They may want to increase their pipeline of potential customers for new business opportunities or outsource the task of calling on clients they haven’t spoken with in a while. There are lots of great providers who can help you generate leads, so how do you decide which service is right for you? 1. Opt-In Leads – This approach generates requests from prospects to join your mailing list by providing them with a survey or other means to complete an opt-in request form. The more information that’s given over the phone, the better! If you prefer not to use email as a lead/contact method, consider using a voice response system – it’s cheaper and less intrusive compared to emails – but still very effective at generating high quality responses. 2. Website Audits – Most websites don’t work properly without any issues, making this a perfect way to find those problems and fix them quickly. When asked an online question about your firm or practice area, this gives potential clients another reason to call to learn more about what you do and why they should hire you! In addition to identifying errors on your website, having someone verify all current information also ensures great accuracy as well as helping prospective clients feel secure about trusting your name with their personal info online. An audit can be complimentary or integrated into a full site redesign project, depending on how much time and budget plan into the overall budget for your company

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