Best Hosting Companies For Lawyers?

I’ve been told that as a consumer (pro bono) I could find such information by doing the following:

going through the General Services Administration at and selecting “Small Business Size Specifications — Law Firms”; looking up an Internet service provider (ISP) and finding its size and square footage; searching for “hosting lawyers” in Google, Yahoo or Ask Jeeves without specifying a firm name to have our search results returned from the companies who may host law firms or law offices. However, can anyone tell me if this general process produces accurate representations of these legal services industries which typically have high volumes of clients? In addition, is there any other accurate disclosed information that you might suggest we should be looking for? Finally, have I overlooked any other methodologies or sites that may be more appropriate to collecting this type of data?


Best Social Media Managemnt Tool For Lawyers?

As a lawyer, you will be required to use social media at some point in your career. We recommend that you use the most up-to-date Social Media Management tool for lawyers. Our top social media management tool is HubSpot Hootsuite., not only do they have a free tier but their Social Media Manager has got a very handy ‘Schedule’ feature where you can set how often you monitor twitter and Facebook every day. This way, if you need to follow up on something quickly like email it allows you to pop back onto Twitter without having to immediately jump onto Facebook… which means less time spent staring at an empty inbox. Are You Looking For 15+ Tools That Will Help You Survive? Grab Your Copy Of Our Giant Lawyer Toolkit! The Ultimate Guide To Surviving As A Rising Litigator Now Packed With Even More Great Tools & Resources!

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best hosting companies for lawyers?


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