Best Fonts For Lawyers?

I know the blazers are an odd choice, but I’ll take it.

Megan: Changing our font for this letter is like listening to the radio station that plays old ads about Pepsi. We think we’re getting something bigger here, but all it is is wasted space. “Why would any company go through the time and expense of hiring lawyers if their logo wasn’t worth reading? Prentiss & Nash’s fonts make every member of your team better at what they do.”

Nope! It doesn’t look professional at all! And who outside of New York City goes by Prentiss & Nash anyway? If you live in New York City, then that’s fine—we’ll gladly advertise there instead, but don’t bring us into other cities just because you can afford a nice office building near Times Square. Just ignore this boring-ass letter and keep inviting cool bands to play at Glasslands until we find someplace nicer for us to be.

Prentiss & Nash

556 West Houston Street (between Broome and Grand) • Manhattan • 212–253–8888 or • • Map

While many consider lawyers bizarre creatures who spend much of their day thinking about writing contracts only approved by people with too much free time on their hands, members of law firms are pretty normal compared with

Best Accounting Software For Lawyers?

Which accounting software is the best fit for a practicing lawyer? The answer may depend on your budget and specific needs. We have compiled a list of nine different products that should satisfy even the most demanding lawyer. For those who truly want to devote themselves to their profession, we recommend using an all-in-one suite product such as QuickBooks Pro or Freshbooks GetResponse SMTP Email Integration with Syntek – Web Based Entities Charting GetResponse SMTP Email Integration with Syntek – Web Based Entities Charting If you are looking for a powerful email marketing platform, look no further than GetResponse…. Read More . In addition to being one of the slickest programs around, it allows you to do everything from bookkeeping to invoicing as well as tracking your clients as they open your emails. You can also make use of its integrated CRM tools if need be (or simply import data using their Import Module). One thing I dislike about QuickBooks is how limited its customer service support is; however, they do offer free remote access through their Intuit Community Service center (listed below) for absolutely any question relating to setting up or maintaining an account. Hopefully this will go away once Intuit improves their education efforts after seeing the negative reaction it caused among lawyers earlier this year. On another note, keep in mind that most companies don’t even allow their employees full time access to QuickBooks at home since it requires home office licenses which

Professional Pens

best fonts for lawyers?


Ernest Hemingway Starting out with a fountain pen usually leads to having an expensive hand-crafted item. Luckily, many manufacturers are offering inexpensive but dependable models. My personal favorite is the Pilot Plumix retractable gel ink pen. This model sells for under $50 and has a bright black body, sturdy rubber grip, smooth plastic barrel, transparent ink window so you know when you’ve run out of ink, click action retracting mechanism and pretty decent writing performance. I can recommend this one to anyone looking for a great first writing tool! It also comes in different colors! Check out the link below for information on other pens that might fit your needs better than the Plumix.

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