Best Computer For Lawyers?

The need for lawyers is increasing by the day. According to the StrictLaw Group, more than 5 million law school graduates will be seeking jobs with an average starting salary of $52,000 over the next few years. Moreover, it costs about $30,000 up front to enroll in law school; once completed, aspiring lawyers will spend anywhere from six to ten years taking on cases and practicing law. With that kind of investment into your legal career, you want a computer that can easily accommodate all of your various research documents and infor-mation for long nights—and days—of discovery work.

Choosing an outlet for my information is always at hand. The Dell Inspiron Advantage has plenty of connectivity options so I never have to think twice about where my cables are plugged in because they’re right there on one panel. But with its casual look and feel—as well as its easy-care finish—the computer boasts durability without sacrificing home office appeal or functionality! During my most rigorous workday I spend hours perusing websites online researching charts and figures that support that suspect’s claim of fraud during his lease negotiations with Landlord X…I don’t want anything metal touching any key boards! My eyesight isn’t what it used to be either which means I keep two external monitors going too…my images automatically switch between them depending if I’m going through spreadsheets or gathering jury instruction manuals from a reputable national publication or

Best Job Sites For Lawyers?

In the rush to get scoops on fellow lawyers, it can be easy to overlook a site that has been around for ages. That’s not a good idea. The ABA Journal Chronicle has been around since 1891 and is considered by many to be one of the best jobs sites for lawyers because it focuses primarily on current news regarding law schools, positions, alumni who are looking for work, etc. In addition to all this, they offer business related news as well including articles about what’s happening in other fields such as medicine and healthcare which you should definitely check out here along with other great lists of jobs from all over the country. You can even find out what companies are looking to hire an accomplished young law school graduate here at a discounted rate ($100 per month). Of course if you think you qualify then apply online today! They accept resumes but typically only call up people who meet their criteria (understandably) because there are too many applicants for them to call everyone so they prioritize according to criteria such as GPA and credentials among others which I feel makes sense. Check them out today by clicking here!

Law Goes Virtual

best computer for lawyers?


With New Kwik Trial Virtual Cases A unit set up in the city of Goshen, Idaho, is among several nationwide that has already rolled out virtual trial units. The Waterford Judicial District Court began using the technology last month. Goshen’s courtroom will be packed to see just what Kwik Trial can do for the local justice system. RENEE MONTAGNE, HOST: Judge David Montano of California’s Riverside County Superior Court is betting on a new way to try cases – virtual reality or VR technology – sort of like Pokémon Go but in the courtroom. As NPR’s Brian Naylor reports, it could increase communication between law enforcement and immigrant communities who are often hesitant about interacting with police. BRIAN NAYLOR, BYLINE: Judge David Montano was speaking at a gathering when he got distracted by an app on his phone that simulated virtual reality goggles – essentially Google Cardboards that shut off your peripheral vision when you put them over your eyes. He says it wasn’t long before he realized this was not something people were doing every day anymore because you only have to use them once to get addicted to seeing things in 3-D. After buying some sessions at home – two dollars apiece – he started experimenting with the applications himself, trying out videos of upstanding members of society being caught breaking laws nearly without exception…white women selling brown crack…sadistic kidnappings…murder suspect unexpectedly confessing after getting shot in

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