Best Colleges For Lawyers In California?

I was thinking of going to SFU or Santa Clara for law school. The only thing I don’t know is whether I should go in Cali or not. Its just that it seems like there’s a lot of pro’s and cons about the schools in each state (and its really getting between me).

And just out of curiosity, I’m considering Colgate, BC, Yale, Harvard, Stanford & NYU. Is BC the authority on choosing the best colleges for lawyers? Also which part of California do you recommend? Not sure what to look for when looking at different parts… downtown San Francisco vs suburban San Jose / Palo Alto etc…

Best Accounting Software For Lawyers?

In today’s day and age where there are so many different companies for making money, it has become a lot harder to stand out from the rest. Unless you have a certain product or service that can make your business stand tall among all other companies, you will need to get the best possible accounting software for lawyers. This type of software is specialized in providing specific services that help keep track of everything going on in the bank accounts and finances of a law firm. Below is a review of a few different options or programs that may be helpful in helping you pick the best one for your lawyer’s office: AccountEdge While this software does not actually have legal specialties, it should suffice as being an overall standard for most attorneys from any type of profession. The basic functions available should be enough to get started with something simple while still having the flexibility needed to add other types of audit functions later on down the road if needed. Best Legal Software Solutions Inc. When compared to others, this program offers advanced features such as giving users access to their books without requiring too much technical knowledge when performing necessary financial tasks within them. It also allows users to see various trends over time which can help them spot patterns and trends for future planning if they choose to do so. This program may be considered relatively expensive but is well worth its cost especially if used frequently by attorneys who wish use this tool regularly with confidence knowing they are getting quality results every time they go over things during their work

24/7 Live Legal Answering Service

best colleges for lawyers in california?


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