Best College For Lawyers?

The best four-year public college that also accepts students with disabilities who are pursuing degrees in fields other than law is the University of California, Berkeley. Other high-profile schools include Columbia College Chicago; New York Law School; Duke University School of Law; the Southwestern School of Law at Texas Tech University; and St. Thomas University School of Law. Admission to all these other top law schools is competitive, so only those who qualify for admission will be admitted there—with some exceptions. For example, this year Yale Law has instituted early admission deadlines for African Americans and Latinos hoping to gain admission before highly qualified candidates continue to be turned away from the elite school solely because they are people of color.

2nd Choice: Am I Better Off?

Have you decided where else you want to go but are not sure which school would give you a better chance at getting into? Is it okay if your 2nd choice doesn’t have as impressive a reputation as the first one, assuming both options are equally good? The truth is different law schools treat diverse applicants differently based on race or ethnicity, gender or class background—meaning what happens in admissions after all offers have been extended can dramatically alter the trajectory of an applicant’s life job prospects post-graduation by sending her down a drastically different road than someone accepted into another school might have gone down had she applied somewhere else that was fully supportive of diversity goals. Here are some road maps for applicants hoping to find

Best Gifts For Lawyers?

Who couldn’t use an extra $5,000? Especially when you’re a lawyer and your clients keep overwhelming you with their complaisant requests. The Law Office Equipment Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for lawyers who enjoy feeling like rock stars amongst their friends and colleagues. Themed to match each client’s specific needs, this certificate is great for business gifts, bridal shower presents or just for fun! It can be used towards office stationary (writing desks), convenience store purchases, computer accessories (keyboards/cables/screwdrivers), furniture or even more expensive items that are not on the list of “gifts that look good under tree lights.” Bonus points if there is chocolate included!

Best Legal Pads for Your Law Firm

best college for lawyers?


In this article, I will discuss the best legal pads for your law firm. In this article, I will discuss the best legal pads for your law firm. What’s a Legal Pad? A legal pad is a form of paper that has a distinct look to it and serves as a sheet of material used in creating drafts of documents such as contracts and agreements. It is also referred to as “paper writing device” or simply “paper” by many people who require documents written down on its surface to be easily read off and understood by others (ie: business partners, lawyers.) Why Should You Get Good Legal Pads? There are certain occasions where you would require your office colleagues/staff/clients to draft memos, letters or other forms of communications with you; thus you need good quality papers like hard-cover books and costly leather bound. Your employees and clients might be looking for these items if they ever need professional records like contracts drafted that involve any business dealings between them and you – which can affect their personal interests – however using specialised soft-cover notepads would take too much time from them during busy work schedules; thus an excellent idea about printing high quality papers such as those covered in photo paper instead! Here are some additional reasons why buying high-quality premium legal pads can help you: Personalized Writing : Professional portfolios usually use blank pages so writers can write on those white spaces without needing to re-write sentences once those words have been finalized. If anyone uses ordinary

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