Best Cities For New Lawyers?

William “Bill” Robinson is the founder, CEO and chairman of the Board of Directors for A Plus Law Resources, a law firm that provides consulting services to both employers and job seekers on how to flex their skills. He is a veteran in recruiting and regulatory compliance.

Robinson started his career at a large nationwide employment agency where he served as an account executive in Florida & Georgia. After being promoted to Regional Area Manager in Southern Illinois, he left that company to start his own Job Search Consulting company in Chicago for five years before moving to Washington D.C., where he founded A Plus Law Resources based upon his experience from college with seven years of federal government work under his belt already including working for the President’s Commission on Excellence in Special Education where he was responsible for overseeing all special education regulation issues. In 2000, he became a registered lobbyist representing student loan providers before Congress which included serving as Vice Chairperson of the Dept OASPA – Student Lending Associations umbrella group which submitted comments on passage of student lending reform legislation by Congress in 2006 that included many changes coming from the pre-reform industry lobbying efforts by ALCUSO (the National Association of Private Sector Colleges and Universities). In 2008 Bill joined The Council For Equal Opportunity after leaving Congress because “equal rights” had become his passion stating: “There are no jobs or opportunities without equal rights.” In 2012, when Indiana passed its Religious Freedom Restoration Act Bill SB 101 it was obvious why bills like this

Best Free WordPress Themes For Lawyers?

For those of you who are finding it hard to make a decision on what theme to use to build your future law firm’s website, there are some themes that can be helpful in making the right choice. The first thing you need to do is ask yourself whether the theme that you want to pay for has features that will help your business grow or not. If the legal firm website was designed by an ordinary person then this would be a problem because he didn’t have enough experience in designing websites. This means that the designer she used was obligated to do everything about it and has no power not only over the front-end but also for designing attractive back-end as well. When it comes time so decide on having an attractive lawyer site design, I strongly recommend buying WordPress Theme from GraphicRiver Themes Store due to its multi-language support and numerous customization options which allows our customers go through with ease all their customization needs. Conclusion: Top 10 Best Free WordPress Themes For Lawyers?

“Best Lawyers in America” names Phillips & Cohen whistleblower attorneys to 2022 list

best cities for new lawyers?


Hollis G. Phillips, attorney in the firm’s San Diego office, has been named to the “Best Lawyers in America whistleblower attorneys” list for 2012-2022. He was also named to Best Lawyers 2003-2012 lawyers list. Phillips & Cohen attorneys are recognized annually by Best Lawyers, a respected peer review publication based on experiences of practicing lawyers across the country who are using their skills to help clients pursue justice through legal advocacy. The program includes more than 10 million U.S.-based lawyers who have practiced law for at least ten years and are selected by their peers for outstanding commitment to professional excellence and service to clients. Nominees must register with Best Lawyers each year in order to be considered eligible professionals under its ethics policyestablished in 1952 after numerous ethics scandals threatened the integrity of American jurisprudence. Thirty percent of all nominees are chosen or re-nominated every year from among approximately one million nominations submitted nationwide. All nominees are ranked individually within each category based on peer review surveys completed anonymously by practicing practitioners nationwide who have gained practical recognition of their courtroom skills, practice management acumen, courtroom demeanor, professionalism and other personal characteristics that demonstrate knowledge and expertise in areas relevant to judging litigation matters brought before them or serving additional client needs arising out of their practices or expertise related thereto; they rank individuals within each category according to various attributes which identify members best suited for inclusion on candidate lists (the final selection process is ongoing). The

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