Best Briefcases For Women Lawyers?

If you’re looking for a briefcase that can serve double duty, choose one that accommodates all your gear. While it’s nice to be able to leave the case in place while using it as a fashionable piece of luggage or carrying kilo-sized rolled documents, this is not always practical when commuting to and from work at rush hour. A crossbody bag with pockets will hold all your important accessories when you need them. Look for bags with lots of compartments so there are ample spaces for pens, ear buds, business cards and office papers if needed. Pockets should also be deep enough to let you slide in even large handbags without crushing your essentials inside their zippers.

What features should I look out for when buying women’s backpacks?

A lot of women prefer smaller bags than men because they don’t feel like they have everything in them if they use them on longer daytrips and trips and security reasons mean larger bags can’t come home again after work. But some women prefer more room than others! These days many brands offer bags that can convert into backpacks/daypacks so you can use your shoulder bag as a backpack on the weekends knowing you wouldn’t carry anything awkward such as laptops or books around on those dates. Look at measurements too as most people’s shoulders aren’t the same size so some styles will just sit on top of your shoulder awkwardly unless they fit perfectly!

Best University For Lawyers?

National Law Journal’s Editor-in-Chief Announces Winners The announcement was made by the National Law Journal at a news conference in New York today. The event was held to present the winners of this year’s NLJ 100, a ranking exercise that started in 2002 and has ranked law schools annually for a decade. Congratulations go to: Boston University School of Public Health, which ended up at No. 24 last year but jumped 11 spots to take No. 23 this time out; Northwestern University Pritzker School of Law, which dropped from 25th place in 2016 to 44th this year; Michigan State University College of Law, taking 41st place last year but losing five slots to 40th so far this time around; and New York University School of Law, taking 65th place last year but dropping nine places to 70th place by virtue of placing in its lowest position in any 2015 or 2016 ranking (75 in 2015 and 74 in 2016). (A list of individual rankings and rankings lists by school can be found here.) Read more


best briefcases for women lawyers?


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