Best Briefcases For Female Lawyers?

The lawyers seemed to respond in the same way. They displayed none of the hand-wringing that typically accompanies a discussion of men and briefcases. In fact, they were positively united in their response: They either ignored it entirely or simply affirmed that there is no such thing as a female briefcase.

One female lawyer who spoke with me said, “I don’t even feel like I need a separate case for my laptop and iPad and notebooks. It all goes together so nicely!” Others echoed her: The question was irrelevant because there is no such thing as a woman’s briefcase — at least not one for use by any client other than an older man shopping on the prowl.

It appears that this stereotyped image equates legal work with serious lawyering, which means that women do not usually access these items during work hours — nor would they likely ever want to if appropriate attire included everything from Chanel No. 5 to patent leather pumps and $500 Prada handbags (leather pumps notwithstanding). Female attorneys may choose to carry around what looks like an impressive portfolio but has merely become the manifestation of their office attire rather than something required for important document production tasks, mirroring laws passed by federal legislators in 2005 — 2006 labelling them outdated and sexist; we will get to those laws shortly (Sexist Dress Uniforms? Some Attorneys Wear Them). Of course, part of the point behind opening up commercial space

Best Alternative Careers For Lawyers?

The following are careers for lawyers that you should be aware of. If the job interests you, continue reading and learn more about these professions so that you can focus on finding a job as a lawyer. Business Lawyers In the U.S., there are approximately 700,000 business lawyers employed by businesses around the country. Many of them handle all aspects of a company’s transactions with outsiders, including assessing risks and negotiating deals. Because it is a very straightforward specialization, most law schools have specific classes devoted to this area of law. It may not be an exciting career but it has great potential for advancement in case you decide to practice as a lawyer after graduation or as part-time work while preparing your final grades at school. The good thing about this type of work is that even if the economy goes down during your first few years out of college you can find plenty of opportunities without having to look too hard for employment because big companies tend to keep newly minted legal professionals on staff until they prove their worth and then they either move them back into another department or hire someone new from within. If nothing else just knowing how law works will benefit you greatly in life long terms!

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best briefcases for female lawyers?


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