Best Books For New Lawyers?

The most recent paperback list compiled by LJ lawyer editor Amelia Tobin provides some interesting insights into new lawyers’ reading preferences. Among new lawyers working in firms, say the survey results, the top book is John Grisham’s The Litigators (which I have on my legal-reading “to do” list). By contrast, Aaron David Miller of MSNBC offers a different view: his compatriots are gravitating toward nonfiction works on politics and policy.

Among newer government lawyers, according to Tobin , it was law school biographies of Supreme Court Justices that topped the lists submitted to her. Top nonfiction picks included Obama’s The Audacity of Hope; Nancy Pelosi, Andrew Susac and Teresa Barnwell, all of whom are elected officials; former President Bill Clinton; Ted Widmalm , Robert Redford and Barack Obama . Newer federal law clerks surveyed were far more likely than their older colleagues to read fiction than biography for pleasure. Of the books cited in the poll that topped their 30-book lists in each area were Way Out West by Laura Ingalls Wilder ; Little Women , Don Quixote and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Louisa May Alcott ; William Shakespeare ‘s As You Like It ; Middlemarch by George Eliot ; Lord Jim by James Fenimore Cooper ; Gone With The Wind ; Tess ofthedUrbervillesby Thomas Hardy ; Jane Eyre : Pride And Pre

Best Gifts For New Lawyers?

This is not an easy question to answer. I say this because there are so many different kinds of lawyers, and qualities that make a good attorney. The first thing you need to know about your new attorney is that they will be part of your life for at least 1-2 years if not longer. Making sure it’s someone who you can trust will play an important role in your business. Therefore I would consider two kind of gifts: something practical, personalized, maybe something related to their field(lawyer related memorabilia), usually done at the time of hiring or upon receiving the ring or watch or whatever presents you have chosen for them As much as possible say thank you with gestures, call them during busy times when they are on one case after another instead of practicing law (don’t be cheap but don’t overdo it either). Don’t forget to take care of them by eating out/going out with them once in a while! Amenities are always useful! A basic ERGO car seat should also do the job nicely. Cleanliness is next on my list especially because some attorneys work long hours dealing exclusively with matters involving high net worth clients who may have money issues. They would benefit from being given basic cleaners which comes free with ERGO seats or private labels private label brands like Smartercar Cleaners . Please avoid any gifts which cost more than $50-80 not only due to budget constraints but

Best Books: 22 Books Every Lawyer Should Read

best books for new lawyers?


Lawyers focused on the “lawyer” part of their job should read about law from other professions. Come to think of it, they should also be reading from books other professions. In addition to providing a wider perspective about what life is like for people who aren’t lawyers, these books can be valuable resources for learning how to deal with tricky client issues and ethical dilemmas. While all these book titles are not intended to provide complete legal advice, many may be helpful in preparing questions at deposition or trial. The following list has been compiled by Latham & Watkins managing partner David Wachter and former Dean Norman Ornstein (@NormOrnstein). Some of these books are required reading for students attending law school; some are required reading for young lawyers under consideration by prospective employers; others are recommended reads for anyone considering changing careers or broadening his/her understanding of the profession.

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