Best App For Lawyers?

By Ramon Harter, CEO/CTO 09 February 2015 | updates legal general

How do you feel about being a lawyer? Is that what you want to be? Do you think it’s what you’ve chosen because of family expectations, your childhood trauma or even the cost of living in San Francisco? It’s natural to wonder sometimes. Here are some thoughts from our chief product officer, Eric Peterson: When I was younger, I thought law firms were where I wanted to work. The thought wasn’t so much about “I want to help people.” But rather “I want money and health benefits! Who doesn’t?! And what could be better than going into a room full of other adults who believe they should have more money and benefits???” I eventually realized that while there definitely is a lot of meaning in doing something for others, it can also mean something different—like working on behalf of the opportunity for society to improve itself over time based on what other people decide it needs right now, or deciding how we use technology in ways other than make us all lazier…or maybe smarter.

But c’mon… In 2013 Larry Summers once said this about lawyers: “We haven’t decided whether we need lawyers at all.” Then he went on: ‘There was the time when — ironically — we no longer needed large scale agriculture but we decided that farmers deserved compensation and things like

Best Gift For Lawyers?

A Smaller Closet Did you know that your lawyer actually has a personal room? You can hire an interior designer to help make it look more like his or her own, but the truth is that often they use this room as their office and go about their working day there. For lawyers, who live away from family and friends for long periods of time, having a place to unpack and unwind with family members is perfect. Padding the walls in the lawyer’s office and organizing it will do wonders for any reception area. Also, reading material such as newspapers and books should not only be banished to the coffee table, but also hidden away so as not to distract any law students or other visitors who might want to speak with them directly. These are all great ideas for gifts for lawyers!

Steps to Become a Lawyer/Attorney

best app for lawyers?


A degree in the field of law is not the only requirement to become a lawyer. There are many steps that go into getting your license which takes years upon years of self-study and hard work. Step 1: Each state has its own requirements for becoming a lawyer, but they generally require you to graduate from an accredited university with a bachelor’s degree in law or five years of experience. Additionally, there usually is no limit for how many times you can take the test required to become licensed as long as you meet all areas of educational and job experience. Obviously, if you don’t have this under your belt already then it will be quite difficult to become familiar with the laws and rules that govern them; however, we do offer plenty of resources here on our website which can direct you towards quickly identifying these elements once you begin your quest to obtain your law degree. Step 2: After receiving a bachelor’s degree and passing the bar exam and other job responsibilities such as court appearances (depending on your location), lawyers must complete three additional tasks before they can legally practice their profession: pass written tests offered by each state; make ‘continuing legal education’ payments throughout their career; and pay annual renewal fees (also depending on state). Once these requirements are met attorneys sign what we refer to as letters or certificates that allow them to practice while holding licenses throughout their states while applying for federal jobs that carry even more weight than state licenses.

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