Best Answering Service For Lawyers?

” If you answered yes, then I’m not sure why the NY Association of Court Reporters is suggesting that it should be done away with.

From our perspective, there are only two sets of questions that need to be asked routinely by reporters at trial court hearings: 1) whether or not a party “served,” i.e., had notice under the CPLR §1002(a); and 2) whether or not an action was “pending,” i.e., had commenced (in NY State using CPLR §420). As long as the answer is still no after closing statements (or sometimes even before them), any preposterous or incriminating question about how he/she got paid for researching these issues is beyond the pale.

Let me say this plainly: There is nothing more ridiculous than people standing up in front of other people (and their lawyers too!) and basically saying “I wonder if they were paid? Can you help me find out? This sounds like it might be interesting! Will you tell me all about it later???”

Best Laptops For Lawyers?

Lawyers tend to love anything with an elaborate keyboard (I’m looking at you, Apple). That includes the colorful Flex 14-inch Vaio notebook—made by Sony. It packs a powerful Intel Core i5 2.4GHz processor and 8GB of RAM for heavy multitasking. Its slim 7mm frame is perfect for on-the-go professionals, who can easily slip this into their back pocket or briefcase. Maybe more important than all of that is its $1,000 price tag—which is sure to impress even the most devoutly devoted lawyers on your team. Your Netflix Addiction Will Be Toasted You love picking up scratched DVD copies of classic Star Wars movies at your local dollar store? You might be in luck because the 4K Ultra HD Vizio SmartCast E60-c0 doesn’t come with any dings or scratches on it. It features three HDMI ports and one USB port, allowing you to stream via Netflix if that isn’t enough distraction during tedious legal opinions at work. The laptop features a 1366 x 768 screen resolution, which sometimes clashes with modern film processing technologies found today in some major motion pictures. If you care about photo quality instead of nostalgia then opt for an HP Envy x360 15 incher instead!

Best Master of Laws – LLM Degrees & Programs in 2021/2022

best answering service for lawyers?


~~ Master of Laws (LLM) in China Law The Master of Laws (LL.M.) program is a full-time, one-year master’s degree offered by some U.S. universities and other international institutions that offers students an intensive introduction to the law and legal studies, while also presenting the opportunity for professional specialization or further postgraduate training at specified universities or practicing areas depending on the student’s background and goals. Because an LLM can be taken anywhere in the world, MLitt candidates sometimes qualify for entrance to prestigious graduate programs such as Oxford University.[citation needed] The LLM is not dual-listed with any other master’s degrees in English common law countries such as India, therefore it is not possible to convert this title into a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree after completing this program since without prior experience of the Indian legal system this would be impossible and against all pedagogical practice.[citation needed] The LLM may be used interchangeably with JSD(JP) in English speaking common law jurisdictions but does not have any equivalence obligation with conversion requirements with respect to bar admission in India.[citation needed] Abbreviations: LDSL = Master of laws ~~ School Bar Exams which Bar Councils approve are generally accepted throughout most jurisdictions around the globe ~~ Often students complete their dates before exams are held so they can choose their dates for subsequent years ~~ Usually there are two LLMs offered every year within

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