Best Alternative Careers For Lawyers?

“I didn’t choose this for a career—it chose me,” says Theresa Myers. At the age of 40, she had a stroke at work and was forced to retire from her job as an attorney outside Atlanta, Georgia. “My husband and I have been married 33 years, and we have three kids. It was devastating that those three years were taken away from us because of my medical condition,” says Myers. “Handling insurance paperwork just wasn’t possible after the accident. In addition to being housebound for four months until I recovered enough to live on my own again, I lost out on about $200,000 worth of income over those four months. So if you take one thing from this book it should be: We should design our lives so even when things go wrong they aren’t so bad!”

Four After-Retirement Steps That Make Sense

To help you focus your efforts once you reach retirement status:• Plan ahead by designing a well-thought-out financial plan that includes different avenues (trusts) not only for your children but also for yourself in case something happens to either one or both of you.

• Consider the impact rising healthcare costs will have upon your assets; it might be wise to save more than expected if medical costs continue rising at the present rate and/or if plans for maintaining comfort levels (such as health care coverage) change significantly or

Best Briefcases For Women Lawyers?

. Every briefcase needs to be the right size. Many men find it hard to realise that women lawyers need different briefcases, so here are a few ideas for you: 1. A small briefcase might do the trick if you don’t want it as big as a suitcase or as small as your purse. Look for one with just enough room for files and an iPad, but not much more than that. For smaller women, this would also allow you to skip the laptop altogether and carry just folders and papers in their place – and maybe even take notes with pen and paper! You can go with any design style, though keep in mind that it would probably have too little room for pens, pencils etc… If you find this sort of thing rather attractive then by all means go ahead! However I’d suggest skipping over any type of pattern or elaborate detailing. Remember that women lawyers look professional not frilly! Stick to businesslike schemes instead. For greater success at work, girls say quality is key so pick out something heavy duty yet not bulky so there isn’t excess unnecessary weight making it heavier overall when traveling about town on foot or rubbing against other objects while being squeezed between chairs at meetings or being stacked up during transfers by transport/cab drivers/train staff while boarding/alighting trains/subways etc . Keeping things neat while wrapping them around corners is important too! That way they can be stored neatly instead of stacking into mountains

Not sure where to begin?

best alternative careers for lawyers?


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