Best Majors For Future Lawyers?

Law firms and other legal service organizations (LSO) will continue to hire lawyers who demonstrate the ability to communicate clearly and concisely. To do this, you should develop and hone your speechcraft skills. The specific qualities that employers seek in a legal secretary underline this lesson: · excellent listening, verbal people skills; · good typing… Continue reading Best Majors For Future Lawyers?

Best Cities For Lawyers 2020?

More than 270,000 people every year hold law degrees in the United States. The profession is seen by many as crucial to business and commerce, with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia saying “If I don’t have my law degree, I’m not even eligible to sit on the bench!” With that in mind, we decided… Continue reading Best Cities For Lawyers 2020?

Best Cities For Young Lawyers?

We live in a knowledge-based economy where the things we need to succeed — not just survive — are information, opportunity and energy. If you have all three, you can overcome almost anything. But what you do with them is what matters most. Today’s urban centers with a strong foundation of talent and creativity create… Continue reading Best Cities For Young Lawyers?

Best Apps For Lawyers?

Like many other lawyers, I have multiple devices, but I’m usually on my laptop for work. So here are some of the best apps that I use to make life easier for me and my clients. Have you developed any over the years? Let us know about them in the comments! If you ask someone… Continue reading Best Apps For Lawyers?

Best College For Lawyers?

The best four-year public college that also accepts students with disabilities who are pursuing degrees in fields other than law is the University of California, Berkeley. Other high-profile schools include Columbia College Chicago; New York Law School; Duke University School of Law; the Southwestern School of Law at Texas Tech University; and St. Thomas University… Continue reading Best College For Lawyers?

Best Lawyers For Whistleblowers?

The one that used to be called the SEC’s Office of Whistleblower Protection? The District Court rotated those two positions from being Whistleblower Protectors to being Enforcement Officers. And what do you know? Immediately after this Washington Times story dropped, Ron Motzek was out of his job as Director for Whistleblower protection at the SEC.… Continue reading Best Lawyers For Whistleblowers?

Best Answering Services For Lawyers?

Some law firms already offer a computer-generated voice that sounds real. A number of these firms also have long-established customer base and expertise in artificial intelligence, the ability to produce humanlike speech sounds through software. Patients listening to such services may be more likely to be convinced by such lines than if they called an… Continue reading Best Answering Services For Lawyers?

Best Gifts For Lawyers?

Here are some ideas to help you get the perfect gift! What’s in your budget? If you want to go cheap or save money, try sending a gift card. They often come in beautifully designed packages and they’re easy to give. Make sure there is enough money in them for what the recipient will need—a… Continue reading Best Gifts For Lawyers?