Best Books For Trial Lawyers?

The book doesn’t have to be published. It can be self-published, but the author needs to get it published somewhere else. We have dozens of clients that have written books on legal topics or on lifestyle subjects about which they had some expertise. There are three criteria that distinguished our best reads from the rest:… Continue reading Best Books For Trial Lawyers?

Best Suits For Lawyers?

“I like nice ties,” I said. “And suits, obviously.” The receptionist was still looking at me funny and she kind of bounced up and down in her pleather chair. I saw her talking to the other receptionists behind the desk and then she headed over to my dad. Before she got there, my dad grabbed… Continue reading Best Suits For Lawyers?

Best Cars For Lawyers?

« »Die«, sagte Joyce. »Sie sind besser als die gesamte leitende Polizei der Staaten von New Hampshire zusammengenommen!« »Wenn es nur stimmt, was du da erzählst …« 5 So regelmäßig wie seine Gespräche mit dem Abgeordneten lieferten sich Jack Culverwells Kolleginnen und Kollegen auch vor Gericht mit ihren früheren Vorgesetzten. Und eine seiner Hauptbeschwerden war… Continue reading Best Cars For Lawyers?

Best Lawyers For Harassment?

” In a filing to the court on Monday, lawyers for Waters ask that Ms. Farrow be named in response to her request to be added as a defendant, and further demand that all the defendants be deposed under oath or that Ms. Farrow produce tapes or transcripts from her conversations with Mr. Weinstein if… Continue reading Best Lawyers For Harassment?

Best Pen For Lawyers?

In this article, we list eight pen types to consider when doing research. Our recommendation – the best lawyer pens – matters more today than ever before because law firms are going leaner and cheaper is a bad idea for two reasons: the extra overhead keeps the firm from being as efficient as possible, and… Continue reading Best Pen For Lawyers?

Best Car For Lawyers?

” I sat in front of Yoni and we brainstormed the qualities we’d look for: no offensive odor, good mileage, safety features. We had to be practical. No one wants to buy a car they can’t afford. And that was when the idea struck me: why not own a Lexus? Their reliability record is fantastic—and… Continue reading Best Car For Lawyers?

Best Suits For Female Lawyers?

” In a recent article in the Harvard Law Review, authors Thomas I. Emerson and Gregory S. Carpenter use surveys of 346 female lawyers to answer this question. The survey is a response to a post-election report from the American Bar Association that called on law schools, particularly those ranked in the top 15, to… Continue reading Best Suits For Female Lawyers?

Best Pens For Lawyers?

Questions remain about the litigants in Robert Kraft — New England Patriots owner and the 71-year-old’s alleged lothario — and two defendants who contributed to his campaign: billionaire Paul Tam and restaurateur JG Fidanian. Both men happen to be named in a separate Florida probe into possible prostitution, for which neither man has been charged.… Continue reading Best Pens For Lawyers?

Best Novels For Lawyers?

What is your favorite book for lawyers to read by an unknown author?” When I suggested this topic, the first question was, “Why do you get to get away with it? Why not title the post ‘Which are the best novels for lawyers?’ And which novel (not necessarily published by Little/Brown) do I read at… Continue reading Best Novels For Lawyers?